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Why Should You Choose Us?

  • A unique opportunity to take about 50 tests per subject
  • Content is prepared by the team which has the experience of assessing more than million students
  • Covers syllabus of all important Olympiads like NSTSE, UCO, UIEO, NCO, NSO, IMO, IEO, IAIS, ASSET, iIO, iOS, iOM, iOEL,,NTSE, etc.
  • Helps in developing and nurturing the habit of self learning & exploring the subject
  • Develops the problem-solving attitude among the students
  • You get percentile score at the end of each test, which helps you know your position against other students who are appearing for the same test
  • Quality doesn’t have to be expensive! We provide you multiple price range options, with the most affordable packages

Unique Methodology

Subjects Offered



Packages for MATHS Olympiads.



Packages for SCIENCE Olympiads



Packages for COMPUTERS Olympiads



Packages for ENGLISH Olympiads.



Packages for Enhancing Reasoning Aptitude.

Types of Packages

A few words about us

We at Olympiad Coach believe that Learning through Assessment is the best practice for any student. Analysing what we learned through graded assessment helps a student to achieve great scores. We map the each step of the student’s academic journey

STEP stands for Scholastic Testing and Enrichment Programme. Olympiadcoach.com influences the student in every step.

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  • Olympiadcoach.com is THE BEST online preparatory portal for Olympiad preparation. I liked the Unique 5 STEP assessment methodology, which helped me to prepare for my Science Olympiad in a structured manner. Kudos to the team and keep it up.

    -Tanisha, Delhi Public School, Rourkela

  • A big thank you to Olympiadcoach.com team for introducing this preparatory portal for Olympiad preparation. The journey of association has been very enriching and pleasant. The good mix of knowledge, concept and application based questions are really helping my daughter to enrich her knowledge. She is confident of facing any competition now! Thank you Olympiadcoach.com for the opportunity.

    - ANKITA DAS, Parent

  • The questions and explanations are so useful for my Olympiad preparation. Useful for my board exams also.

    - JOSEPH GEORGE, Ryan International School, BENGALURU